For so many Americans, quality financial services planning and strategy is not accessible. It's thought of as something for the upper-middle class and the wealthy. But when Kev & Andrew Baker realized that, more than ever, millennials needed access to quality financial services and advice, they created the Financial Haus.

Created by millennials for millennials, Financial Haus had to have a completely different look and feel in order to attract the attention of the target audience.

Navigating a sea of regulations from two parent companies, we helped Kev & Andrew establish a sleek and modern brand that spoke to the diversity of the audience. And we put in-place an online marketing campaign unlike any other in the financial services sector.

Marketing Solutions
  • Overall brand design and messaging strategy
  • New website design unlike anything in the sector
  • Targeted lead funnels that bring in new prospects on demand
  • Organic video content for attracting new leads across multiple platforms including YouTube, Instagram, and TikToc
  • Streamlined onboarding funnel that allows for less administrative work on a new client's first session.
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