Building An Industry-Disrupting Brand From Scratch


Financial planning and insurance services is a $4.85 trillion industry, yet often firms overlook the financial needs of younger adults and minorities. When the founders of Financial Haus approached us, they had an idea for a network of financial planning firs poised to help millennials and minorities with services parallel to affluent boomers.

We began creating pitch decks to present to brokerage firms. Then we created a comprehensive brand guide that paid close attention to inclusion and representation. Then it was onto developing an online presence that relied heavily on short-form video content.

Today, Financial Haus is growing and developing a replaceable business model to franchise out to new markets.

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  • Originally working under their Brokerage's brand with no unique identity or value proposition
  • All content produced was subject to months-long compliance approval process
  • Needed messaging planks that conveyed the service to a new audience
  • Brand design and management
  • Website digital hub
  • Location video production and Reels editing
  • Organic social management across multiple platforms
  • Brand entry into an established market
  • Duplicatable business marketing model for new markets