An elite life coaching program for men, Man-UP! Life Coaching was a cause searching for its voice. The founder and head Coach, Dennis, was brilliant in working with his clients: men looking to level-up in life and get ahead. But when it came to being a celebrity spokesman for the brand, he was hesitant.

The first step was to identify the target audience for this service and to get to the heart of why they had such an affinity and loyalty to both Dennis and his coaching program.

We re-branded the website and created a lead / onboarding funnel that brought in new client prospects to the business.

This ongoing relationship has resulted in a number of improvements to the business, which is now growing in size and profitability.

Marketing Solutions
  • New website design and built on Wordpress and hosted on the Amazon Cloud network
  • Targeted lead funnels that bring in new prospects on demand
  • Free organic YouTube content for attracting new leads
  • Members-only content section on the website for current clients
  • A clear and distilled message that resinates with the business' ideal client
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