Modernizing An Online Sales Pipeline In A Niche Market


You must get crystal clear on who your ideal customer is and speak to them. But in the case of SynergEyes, a specialty contact lens manufacturer specializing in vision irregularities, their outdated website was front-loaded with patient facing information. The company only sells to doctors.

We underwent a comprehensive website and brand overhaul and guided the company’s executives, board, and lead sales teams through a series of discovery exercises that included surveys, competitor research, market positioning, and omni-channel brand positioning to adjust the marketing visuals and funnel to target their purchasing customer: optometrists treating specialty eye conditions.

All this while maintaining the business’ status-quo and implementing measurable improvements across landing pages, email marketing, content distribution, video production, and more.

  • Had an outdated and restricted website
  • No effective lead magnets or lead nurturing campaigns
  • Products are a sub-set of a niche industry
  • Brand coaching
  • Website design
  • Email marketing
  • Video editing
  • Company was acquired by dominate competitor in 2022 for their systems and technology