Connections: a Marketing Workshop

Learn the who, what & how to getting more customers in just one day

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The Marketing Workshop

Learn the who, what & how to getting more customers in just one day

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The Marketing Workshop
A 1-day, interactive workshop for small business owners where we will zero-in on the most important marketing activities your business can do to attract new customers. You'll walk away with a customized plan that identifies your perfect customer, how they go from strangers to paying clients, what you should be saying, and how to track your client acquisition success.

Put The Pieces of Your Marketing Plan Together

As a small business owner, connecting to your prospects and customers is everything. Knowing how to attract the right new business is a critical component to your growth.

During this live, interactive workshop we will build a custom marketing plan that you can execute for your business. It will be the foundation of everything you need to market to your ideal customers and win them over every time.


The Essential Pieces of Your New Marketing Plan

During this 6-hour workshop together, we will learn about and create the following guides for your business.

The One

You'll identify exactly who your ideal customer is and what their needs and wants are. When you know exactly who you serve and how your business positively impacts them, you can craft messages that speak directly to their needs and desires.

This first session will be a deep-dive into who you serve and how. We will get very specific into the needs and problems that your business solves.

Their Path

How do strangers get interested in your service and what is the path someone takes to become a paying customer? And how do you turn your customers into advocates?

In the second session of the day we will map out the journey that your ideal customers take from first learning about your business, to becoming a paying client, and eventually recommending you to their friends.

No more guessing or waisting time and money on ineffective marketing. This map will show you each step that a person takes when making a purchasing decision with your business.

Your Pitch

Customers need to feel seen and heard. And when you know what it is they truly want and how they decide to make a purchase, it's easy to craft compelling messages that land. In this session we will leverage the previous two and pinpoint the core message and content that will resinate with your audience and make them go "Wow" before pulling out their credit cards.


With your map, message, and target in-hand it is time to put your new marketing plan into action. And as they say, what matters must be tracked, which is why the progress scorecard will identify and track the key indicators that will drive results. By using this progress tracker, you'll be able to identify what in your marketing plan needs to be adjusted or optimized.


Coaching & Accountability

Attending a live event and networking with others is exciting and energizing. But the magic is in implementing what you've learned after the workshop. That's why you will also receive a private 45-minute strategy implementation session following the workshop.

The day's workshop and subsequent accountability sessions will be lead by our Chief Nerd, Sam Watkins.

A career digital marketer whose worked at award-winning agencies managing $1.2M in social media ad buys per month for major brands, Sam has the inside-scoop on how the big guys dominate the online space for leads and sales. And he will help you attract more customers into your business.


What You'll Recieve

$750  The One Ideal customer profile

$750  Their Path Client decision-making journey

$750  Your Pitch Core messages that land

$750  Progress Growth scorecard tracker

$150  Accountability Strategy session

$3150 Total Value

Exclusive, Pre-Launch Offer
Only $195
That's a 92% Savings Off This Package's Value!!!

This Workshop Is Ideal For

Cleaning Services
Day Spas
Financial Advisors
Fitness Trainers
Hair Salons
Insurance Agents
Interior Designers
Med Spas
Mortgage Brokers
Solar Installers
Tax Consultants
Wedding Planners

Space Is Limited!


Register for Connections the Marketing Workshop

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1253 University Ave. in Hillcrest above F45

This event is limited to 10 participants. This first, pre-launch event has been heavily discounted to just $195 for the day.
A Case Study

Discovering Their
Core Product

During a session in a Connections workshop, the team at Financial Haus got stumped trying to answer the question, "what is your core product and how do you deliver it consistently." Different people had different ideas as to how to define their core product.

Working together, we lead the group through the exercise and came together to clearly defined not only what their core product was, but how it was different than anything else offered in their industry; which allows them to stand out and attract their ideal customers.